Truck & Bus

Technology and Maintenance Council logoUS Transportation Industry (Active) Chlorine Dioxide Standard Protocols:

Class 8 Tractor Cabs

  • Vaporing for Deodorization: 100 Grams ClO₂ in 32 oz water (with aerator)
  • Liquid: (M) 100ppm or (H) 500ppm on porous & non-porous surfaces

Proven safe on bedding, clothing, steel, plastics, vinyl, rubber, upholsteries, wood, electronics and wiring.

Using Reset On Trucks and Buses

Eco friendly iconChlorine Dioxide (ClO₂) safely removes and deodorizes pungent organic and chemical based odors from all porous & non-porous surfaces; including furniture, upholsteries, carpets, bedding, draperies, clothing and uniforms.

Removes cigarette, cigar and marijuana smoke, mold and mildew, chemical masking agents, food, garbage, pets, bio-fluids and anything else you can imagine!

Reset ClO₂ may be generated and used as either a VAPOR or LIQUID.

Reset ClO₂ features: No Rising or Wiping Required, Non-Masking, Non-Staining, Non-Corrosive, No Fragrances, No VOCs, Near Neutral pH, No Enzymes.

STEP 1: Reset Impacted Surfaces with ClO₂ Liquid

green liquid pouring

Simply add pre-measured, color coded Reset CLO₂ Tablets to water and ANY UNIVERSAL SIZE opaque container or dispersion tool to generate desired concentration or application requirement.

Apply Reset (M) 100ppm or (H) 500ppm liquid into the atmosphere and onto all porous & non-porous surfaces with a mop, sponge, pump sprayer or non-thermal fogger.

Step 1 is often not required when using Reset Vapor Mold Removal Level.

STEP 2: Reset Environment & Its Contents with ClO₂ Vapor

3 to 24 hours treatment time depending on severity of issue

Create a confined space.

Select Reset Deodorize Level or Mold Remove Level.

Simply add pre-measured, color coded Reset CLO₂ Tablets to water and either a 16 oz. cup or 5 gallon bucket (with Aerator).

Follow easy to understand product Vapor activation instructions and support videos.

STEP 3: Re-Occupy Space

clean interior of minibus

Open windows and doors to air-out CLO₂ from the confined space before re-occupying if using the Vapor protocol.

Pour residual Vapor concentrate down toilet or drain.